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Q: Can I get a free quote?

A: Yes, all quotes are free and include a site visit. We will spend the time necessary to ensure you get great value for money while also offering excellent quality and customer service.


Q: What is the process for getting a swimming pool quotation from Real Aussie Pools?

A: Following your call or email, we meet to discuss your ideas and look at any plans you may have, and visit the proposed location or site. We talk about lifestyle requirements, wants and needs, what you want to use the pool for and what you envisage for the finished project. We then supply you with a written quotation comprising an installation price for the pool and a list of additional work/equipment options that you can select to make owning and operating your pool simple and straight forward.


Q: Is Real Aussie Pools licensed and insured?

A: Real Aussie Pools Pty Ltd – 197464C

Fully insured – current construction and liability policy

Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance is provided for every residential pool installation valued over $20,000


Q: What extras costs could arise?

A: We can usually give you an idea of any extra costs that might arise. An example may be hitting rock during excavation.

Situations like this are covered in the pool contract and should be discussed prior to signing the contract.

Work which is required to assist installation such as retaining walls or work required by NSW Statement Government or Council regulations such as pool fencing will be quoted, with fixed prices, during the initial quoting process.  You can always choose to undertake this work yourself.


Q: Does Real Aussie Pools provide temporary safety fencing during construction?

A: Real Aussie Pools will provide temporary safety pool fencing during the construction process and this will be included in the fixed price contract.  If we are installing permanent pool fencing, the temporary fencing will remain in place until the permanent fencing is complete.

If you choose to install your own permanent pool fencing, there will be a weekly rental charge for the temporary fencing commencing 1 week after the pool installation is complete until the permanent fencing is complete.


Q: I have a small backyard with limited access. Can I still get a pool?

A: There will be cases where a pool will not be possible BUT in most cases we can crane a pool into place, even over your house! We also have access to small machinery which can be used where access is an issue. Give us a call for further advice.


Q: How long will it take to install the pool?

A: The approval process can take between 2-4 weeks. Following this the pool is ordered and delivered to site in approximately 3 weeks. The actual pool installation will take 2-4 days, followed by the permanent pool fencing.  Extra time may be required if additional work such as retaining walls or other landscaping works are being completed.


Q: Why should I use Real Aussie Pools?

A: We have extensive experience within the pool industry in New South Wales and have a wide supplier support network.

We offer an affordable, quality built product.

We don’t over commit our workload, enabling us to give each pool individual attention.

You don’t need to deal with any other tradesmen, as we are qualified and licensed to complete all work related to pool installations, pool safety and landscaping.

We don’t strive to be the biggest pool builder in the Shoalhaven, just the best!


Q: Can the weather affect my installation?

A: Similar to all outside works, the weather can play a part in our scheduling process.  We do our very best to maintain our schedule and give you a firm installation date, but at times this may be varied due to prolonged inclement weather.


Q: Can I speak with your previous customers?

A: Yes. We are extremely proud of our work and are more than happy to give you a tour of our previous work and the contact details of customers in your area. Once your pool is complete, you will also be given the opportunity to provide a testimonial and references to our prospective clients.


Q: Is Real Aussie Pools ‘locked-in’ or paid a commission by your suppliers?

A: Absolutely not!  We are completely independent and choose our suppliers based upon the quality of their products and the reliability of their after sale and warranty service.

We are happy to use the equipment of your choice but would recommend our regular suppliers as they are tried and tested.


Q: Does Real Aussie Pools use external contractors?

A: For the most part we do all our own work and which includes the pool installation and all landscaping works.  We only employ external contractors for licenced works such as excavation, electrical or plumbing works.  Unlike other companies, we don’t use externally contracted pool installation teams so you will always know who you are dealing with.