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  • Recessed design for minimal projection into pool
  • Protrudes only 25mm into pool
  • Compact diameter 120mm for fibreglass
  • Pool cleaner friendly
  • Available in award winning ceramic light engine (LED)
  • Latest design combined with our DuoSink® &PulseWave® technology
  • Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 90% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light
  • Direct Connect electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry
  • Slotted rim and patented heat sink design allows water to directly flow heat sink dramatically increasing cooling capabilities
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Rated to IPX 8
  • State of the art control system using DuoSink® & PulseWave® technology
  • Built in self-diagnostics
  • Patented ‘Click-Fit’ bayonet locking system – No fixing screws
  • Ceramic Light Engine available in Blue, White and Multi-colour

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PAL Touch Series LED Lights with Remote Control

Colour your pool with just one touch.

The Davey PAL Touch LED lights come with a wireless remote so you can now change the colour, mood or brightness of the lights in your pool with just one touch. No more flicking on and off switches to select the colour.

You are now not limited to a small range of colours, you can now change to an almost unlimited range by just running your fingers around the colour wheel.

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PAL-2000 LED Underwater Lights for Pools & Spas

Unique Prismatic Light Distribution Five Year “NO-Leak” Guarantee

Get bright, evenly distributed light from the compact PAL lighting system with coloured LED array lamp with unique light extraction system for easy lamp replacement.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-long life LED lamp for piece of mind and long performance life between lamp replacements
  • Ultra-bright LED lights for maximum lighting effect and illumination at night
  • 12V light with very low power consumption
  • Colour-changing capability gives you the ability to light your pool with your favourite colour, or let the light change through colours automatically for a spectacular night time display
  • Colour changing or lock is simply controlled from your light switch
  • Replacement LED lamps can be used to upgrade exsiting PAL lights with Xenon lamps
  • Made and Designed in Australia.
  • Compact Size. Only 84mm Diameter.
  • Flush fit to the pool wall for minimal protrusions out of the wall
  • Available in models to suit concrete or fibreglass / vinyl lined pools
  • Supplied with IP64 light transformer and 24 meter lead
  • Fixed housing available for use in concrete pool construction


The unique flush mounting installation method of the PAL 2000 eliminates unsightly and unsafe protrusions on the smooth interior surface of the pool, and the extra safe low wattage of the light coupled with the specially designed double insulated transformer allows a continuous lead – up to 24 meters, to be used without the need for unsightly junction boxes in the deck around the pool.

The Five Year “NO LEAK”

The PAL 2000 light has been designed, tested and manufactured to such a high standard, it comes with a unique Five Year “NO LEAK” Guarantee.

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