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Blankets & Rollers

Daisy Pool Covers

Only Daisy pool covers utilise the trademarked and award-winning UltraDome™ technology to deliver maximum durability, heating and heat-retention and value.

daisyDaisy UltraDomeTM Solar Pool Cover Range
Daisy Series 3 – The budget option – 3 years Pro-Rata Warranty
Daisy Series 4 – Economy quality alternative – 4 years Pro-Rata Warranty
Daisy Series 5 – Longer life range – 5 years Pro-Rata Warranty
Daisy Series 8 – premium choice for maximum durability – 8 years Pro-Rata Warranty
Daisy Series 8 – UltraDome+TM Titanium – 8-10 years Pro-Rata Warranty

Daisy UltraDomeTM Solar Pool Covers save you time and money:

  • Cut evaporation by 97%.
  • Use solar pool heating to warm your pool – free – by up to 8ºC – giving you months more swimming time.
  • Help keep out leaves and dirt.
  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  • Reduce pool heating costs.
  • Roll on or off in 30 seconds with a Daisy Roller System.

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These new strong pool cover rollers are available in lengths from 4M to 5.2M.

These very strong 5 Star rollers carry a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

5 Star MKII Directional Roller and 5 Star MKII Stationary Roller

Daisy Pool Cover standard blue

Aussie Hideaway

Want to hide away your pool cover from view!

Get the best and most affordable underground hidden pool cover system available – look no further than the Aussie HideawayTM

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