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Aussie Hideaway

The Aussie UnderCover® NEW AND IMPROVED

(formerly Aussie Hideaway)

Underground Hidden Pool Cover System

Pool covers are essential to maintain a good pool balance, retain heat and reduce water loss but pool covers don’t have to be out in the open and obvious – Real Aussie Pools was the first to develop a solution to ensure that your pool area is sleek and stylish at all times! If you are after a concealed pool cover roller system, we have three kit styles which will suit most applications.

  • In ground Aussie UnderCover® kit
  • Under deck / concrete Aussie UnderCover® kit
  • Mechanism only Aussie UnderCover® kit

Now also available in Powered or Solar Powered kits both with Remote Controls.

Other systems have followed the Aussie UnderCover® (Formerly Aussie Hideaway) but we remain the most cost effective system on the market.

Available in DIY kits

Delivery Australia wide
Easy installation in any pool surround

  • Easy operation for 1 person
  • The lid frame is made from marine grade anodized aluminum and finished with the product of your choice and supported by gas shocks for easy opening and closing
  • Your pool cover is hidden out-of-site when not in use, greatly extending the life of the pool cover
  • Long winding handle for easy, single person operation
  • Unlike other similar systems, the pool blanket is not mounted to the lid, reducing the weight and strain on the system
  • Unlike other available systems, once installed, the pool cover and all system components are fully accessible for easy maintenance
  • Step-by-step installation instructions

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Aussie UnderCover® (formerly Aussie hide away) Installed in paving

The Aussie UnderCover® kit (formerly Aussie Hide away) includes an extended handle for simple operation

Aussie UnderCover®, (formerly Aussie Hide away) installed in pavers, decking, grass, and a formed concrete cavity