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Water Features

Water features in swimming pools are becoming more common as people cotton on to their attractiveness and their ability to greater enhance the pool area. If you’re considering a feature in your swimming pool, here’s what you need to know.

Adding a Water Feature to Your Pool

Water features can be added to your new pool during the building process or to an existing pool. If you are thinking of installing a water feature in your swimming pool, even if you’re not sure, it is best to allow for a feature when the pool is being built. It can be tricky to add the pipes and other necessary elements after the pool is completed, and can add to the overall cost of adding in a water feature.

Choosing a Pool Water Feature

When choosing the feature itself, it is not so much about following the trends but choosing something that works well with your pool and your home. Some options you might like include fountains, statues, water features, waterfalls, and so on. Some more contemporary looks might include water walls or stand alone water features. Think clean, simple lines. To really emphasise your water feature, you might opt for unusual materials or some lighting within the feature.

Be sure that the feature fits in with the scale of the pool and the garden. Too big and it will dominate the entire space and too small it will look “plonked in”. You want to achieve the feeling that the feature has always been there. However, you’ll also want to take into account the size of the equipment that is needed to operate the feature, and how easily it can be hidden. While water features are beautiful, they are less so if you can see all their workings.