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Fencing & Safety

The NSW Swimming Pool Act requires that all pool be fenced unless specifically exempted.

The following links give detailed information about NSW pool fencing requirements plus safety facts and checklists.

Swimming Pools Act 1992 No 49
Swimming Pools Regulation 2008
Swimming Pool Fencing
Home Pool Safety Checklist
Learn to Swim

Note: The above information and links are to be used as a guide only. For further advice on ensuring that your pool is fully compliant with the legislation you should contact your local council. Your local council can also inspect your pool and issue a compliance certificate if your pool is compliant with the legislation. Councils may charge a fee for this.

Pool owners are reminded that there is no substitute for constant adult supervision of children in and around swimming pools to prevent drowning.

Glass Fencing


Aluminium Fencing Profiles


Magna Latch